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Group Walk Sunday 21st April

The Brails 4 miles

Crofton beam engine tower and building

Date: Sunday 21st April 2024

Time: 10.00am-12.00pm

Location: The wharf, Brook St, Great Bedwyn, SN8 3PB

This walk visited both Brails, Bedwyn and Wilton. 16 walkers plus a toddler and a dog all assembled at the wharf in sunshine. After a short walk along the towpath we crossed the water meadow which unfortunately lived up to its name. The last few dry days were insufficient to drain all the flood water and we gingerly picked our way through the soggy ground as best we could. We then walked along to Brail Farm and up the hill to enter Bedwyn Brail where we saw the first stand of bluebells. We took our break by the benches at Column Ride then continued before turning back along the byway and across the road to Wilton Brail. Bluebells were scattered along most of the central Bedwyn Brail path but were most profuse under the trees near Column ride.  After a short walk through Wilton Brail we turned to take the path down to the canal and back to the wharf along the towpath which was still sticky with mud.

No stiles. Two steady moderately steep uphill sections


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